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There are many more species of moths than butterflies. Butterflies and skippers (hooked-shaped antennae) make up 6 to 11 percent of Lepidoptera. Moth antennae are usually feathery with no ball on the end. The divisions are named by this principle: "club-antennae" (Rhopalocera) or "varied-antennae". Butterflies and moths use their antennae for similar purposes, including smelling and finding their way. They use both antennae together to keep them oriented. When a moth picks up a scent, like that of a flower or a potential mate, the odors bind to proteins inside the antennae, and these proteins in. Moths have a pair of antennae which vary in size and complexity according to species (Feathered Thorn male above left). The more research that is carried. Find moth antennae stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The antennae of Lepidoptera appear to be the main organs of smell. Many moth species fly only at night, or have flightless females, and so use pheromones. Moth antennae tend to be leaf or feather shape. Butterfly antennae tend to be long, bare and eject from the head in a club shape. They also have. The elaborate bipectinate antennae of male moths are thought to increase their sensitivity to female sex pheromones, and so should be. The next step is to point out the useful rules of thumb. Butterflies usually have 'club-shaped' antennae while most moths have feathery or tapering ones. No UK.

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